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Scott Alderson

Fish Ninja and Chef Vagabond with the salty tropic home waters pulsing through his veins and tomes of mountain lore scarred into his skin. Tamed by his final chapter in the Village of Cashiers, his endless pursuit of perfect fish shows at the edges of his single bevel Yamahide. Lunch at the counter is a vibrant session of risk and reward. Enter The Dragon.

Tania Duncombe

Queen of The Abaco Islands. The fiery passion of Jamaica, Cuba and The Bahamas in her bloodstream flows like the Gulfstream. From a marine child to an equine woman, Cashiers is her Hamlet and Native Prime is her Round Table. Experience her exquisitely curated provisions or sit for lunch with Lady T as she hosts her guests with pure love and a bright heart.


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Native Prime Provisions
64 Cashiers Shopping Ctr
Cashiers, NC 28717
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Native Prime Provisions

Closed Monday and Tuesday

828. 743. 3743